Would you like help from a seasoned pro on a music project you're working on, or advice on how to take the next step in your career?

Soundfly's Mainstage courses feature one-on-one mentorship with industry experts who give you personalized feedback on your work and share additional resources to help you reach your specific musical goals.

Try out our mentoring for free with a one-on-one session with one of our Mentors where you'll discuss your music goals, get useful resources and advice on your work, and come up with a roadmap for how you can gain the skills you need to move your music forward.
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Examples of past student goals have included: "I want to improve my mix," "I want to better understand music theory," "I want to write catchier melodies," "I want to expand my fanbase," "I want to get my music published in a sync library," "I want to write a new song," and more.
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Feel free to share anything you'd like your Soundfly Mentor to know beforehand to make the session more personalized and helpful. If you want feedback on your work, please share links to your music or to reference music you find inspiring, along with a description of each.
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If you'd like a phone consultation, a Soundfly Mentor will email you to set up a time for the call that works with your schedule.

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