Soundfly's Mainstage courses and Headliners Club program feature one-on-one mentorship with industry experts who give you personalized feedback on your music to help you reach your goals.

Talk to us today to get some quick advice based on where you are in your musical journey and find out which mentorship options might be right for you.
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Examples of past student goals have included: "I want to improve my mix," "I want to better understand music theory," "I want to write catchier melodies," "I want to expand my fanbase," "I want to get my music published in a sync library," "I want to write a new song," and more.
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Struggling to write or record? Stuck in a rut? Unsure how to build your fanbase? Tell us what's getting in your way so we can blast it aside!
Any musical links you have to share with us? If not, tell us more about your level and background.

No need to go into too much depth, but the more we know, the more we can direct you effectively.
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